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Whether you are 45 or 85, it is always in your best interest to prepare for your future by drafting a proper last will and testament. While most everyone has heard of a will, they may not be aware of the specifics of creating one, particularly as to what should be included. To understand all you need to know about a will, you should contact a Northbrook estate planning lawyer from the Kaufman Law Group today.

What is the purpose of a will?

No estate plan is complete without a comprehensive will in place. When you have correctly created one of these crucial legal documents, it can help ensure that your final wishes are carried out just how you intended them. Otherwise, if you pass away without a proper will, a state-appointed judge who is not familiar with you or your family will have to divide your assets.

In your will, you should include instructions that:

  • Establish an executor of your will
  • Name guardians for your children
  • Decide who should inherit which portions of your estate
  • Manage your debts and unpaid taxes
  • Chooses how your pets will be cared for

You should be aware that a will typically is not used for making specific requirements or arrangements. For example, you will not be putting conditions and requirements on your estate, such as only passing your home onto a loved one if they agree not to sell it. If you would like to have more control over your estate after you pass away, speak to one of our Northbrook estate planning attorneys about living trusts.

What do I need to know to create a will?

As with any legal document, wills are bound by certain rules and regulations. Just because you want to make a will does not mean you necessarily can. Through our assistance, we can help you meet all the required mandates in your will and ensure it is finalized appropriately. By doing so, you can rest easy knowing that your final wishes will be acknowledged and carried out as closely to your word as can be.

To have your will recognized by the court, certain provisions must be met, such as:

  • You must be in sound mind when you create the will
  • You need to be aware of the extent and value of your estate
  • At least one beneficiary must be named
  • Your signature must be validated on the document
  • Two witnesses must sign your will upon completion

Find peace of mind right now – create a will with our help today!

As you get older, it is entirely common and understandable for you to feel stressed about what may happen to your estate after you pass away. It is that sense of uncertainty that the proper creation of a will can alleviate. At Kaufman Law Group, we have been guiding the people of Northbrook through this important aspect of their lives since 1980. With our one-on-one approach to every case and client, you can be certain that your wishes will be respected and that your will is completed accurately.

The stability of your future begins with a properly drafted will. Schedule an initial evaluation with a Northbrookestate planning attorney from our firm today to get started.

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