Drive Carefully in Cook County! Supervision Is Expensive!

Posted By Beth Rose || 2-Mar-2011

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I had the opportunity to appear in traffic court in Rolling Meadows a couple of weeks ago. It’s something I don’t normally do. Yes, I’ll confess to you: I had a traffic ticket and had to appear myself.

(While our firm does not normally do traffic and criminal work, we have a great professional relationship with a firm who handles these matters day in and day out).

The bailiff was distributing a piece of paper to all the attorneys. He admonished each of us to take a copy back to our offices and post it. In 30 years of practice, I’d never seen such a thing.

What could be so important? They want us to communicate to our clients the court costs involved in supervision.

Costs for Supervision. Okay, so what is supervision? Supervision is a court order that, if you do not get any tickets for a period of time (usually 60 to 120 days), your current charge is dismissed and will not be on your driving record . If you do get another ticket within that time, a “guilty” finding appears on your record. The beauty of supervision is that since the charge doesn’t show on your driving record, it’s not available for your insurance company to use as a reason to increase your policy rates.

So, what was on the paper? The court costs for the mental health, law library, filing, document storage, this, that and the other, totalling $168.00. That’s right. The court costs for supervision are $168.00 in addition to any fine assessed. The wheels of justice are not just slow; they are expensive. Actually, I hear that it’s even more expensive in DuPage County.

What’s a better solution? Drive carefully. As the captain used to say on Hill Street Blues: Let’s all be careful out there.

In case you’re wondering what happened with my ticket? It was dismissed.

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